wake up, maggie

Photography By Michael Kirkham Photography


 Top Gun/Nutribullet/Special Brew/80's Mullet

Boiling Kettles/90's Trance/Cliff Richard/Bedroom Dance

Ironing Piles/Maggie May/Mince and Veg/Happy Birthday

Come on Eileen/Recession Bites/10p Rubbers/Friday Nights.

A pop soaked love letter to growing up skint!

Wake Up, Maggie is All Things Considered Theatre’s second collaboration with writer and performer Stuart Crowther. Directed by Sarah Hogarth this autobiographical performance explores Emma and Stuart's reflections on their own class status. We had lots of discussions about what we could create together and the idea came from a photo Stuart had taken of an empty stage, a microphone and a chair. From the very start we wanted this to be a stripped down performance, ourselves laid bare on the stage sharing our stories about growing up in the late 80's in London and the early 90's in Rochdale. The performance centres around Emma's attempts to try and join Stuart at the local working men's club for a pint and a karaoke song. Whilst Stuart is certain he belongs there Emma is less clear.

Photo by Michael Kirkham Photography

Photo by Michael Kirkham Photography

This piece was written and clearly aimed to be a celebration of our past/present whilst asking the audience if we can ever really move through the class system and if we even want to. It is a celebration of our cultural heritage and we are delighted to have so many people feedback that this is exactly what was achieved.

Wake Up, Maggie! was performed at:

Pulse Festival, New Wolsey Ipswich

Liverpool Fringe Festival SOLD OUT

Didsbury Arts Festival SOLD OUT

Greater Manchester Fringe Festival. SOLD OUT

We were nominated for every award at The Liverpool Fringe Festival and Emma won Best Actress.

Wake Up, Maggie received a Five Star Review from North West End Reviews.