All Things Considered Theatre create intimate, socially engaged and immersive experiences for a wide range of audiences.

What interests us is how real stories connect and engage audiences. At the heart of our performances is the invitation for spectators to become co-creators with their thoughts, stories and actions contributing to the unfolding narrative.

Our work aims to be a communal and meaningful experience for everyone involved and our core aims are to create work with and for women and girls, young people and marginalised groups.


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Image by Michael Kirkham Photography

Image by Michael Kirkham Photography

Tomorrow Night?

A free performance project about Child Sexual Exploitation

There's been an argument with the parents. It’s over him. They don’t like him, don’t trust him. But he’s alright, he’s just a bit older. Nothing to be worried about but it’s probably best not to tell them about the party tomorrow night. You won't, will you?

Tomorrow Night? is a interactive performance and workshop day for young people, teachers, parents and the wider community that takes place in your school. It aims to open up dialogue and create space for difficult conversations between schools, young people, parents and the wider community. 

The project is supported by Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (PACE) and has been funded by The Big Lottery Awards for All. It is based on our work with young women who have been exploited, parents of exploited children and service providers. 

Details of how to book this day for your school are coming soon...

To make an enquiry or register interest in any of our projects please contact Emma at or fill in a contact form here

We can offer two free days to 10 schools so please register interest as soon as possible. 

September - November 2017


In Development...

Image by Michael Kirkham Photography

Image by Michael Kirkham Photography

Most Things Are Quiet

A play about young people, suicide and us

"Oscar Wilde said that the artist is the creator of beautiful things. Or maybe the curator. I’d check that but I don’t want to break off because then I’ll stop. And either way I think that’s probably true even when things don’t feel beautiful or, or...but I’m not going to do that. This time I’m going to try and be really real. Not Beyonce real or whoever. Just genuine. So yeah. Let’s see how that pans out..." 

Most Things are Quiet is an immersive audio experience that takes place through the streets of Liverpool.  You are invited to share the journey and listen into the internal dialogue of one young man as he goes about his daily interactions with friends, family and strangers. 

Most Things are Quiet is being developed in close partnership with Papyrus and The Unity Theatre. 

More details coming soon... 

To make an enquiry or register interest in any of our projects please contact Emma at or fill in a contact form here

October-November 2017


In Development...

Image by Michael Kirkham Photography

Image by Michael Kirkham Photography


A Play For Girls About Periods

Chloe’s having a sleep over and you're invited! But there’s something on her mind that she is hoping to talk about. Her best friend started hers ages ago. Chloe hasn’t a clue what it’s all about. And she can’t ask her her older sister Gemma because she’ll just vlog about it and that would be so embarrassing! So maybe you can help?

Sleep Over is an immersive, interactive, educational performance experience for girls aged 11-13. Join Chloe, her best friend and her sister Gemma for performance, facts, history, true stories, myths, questions and even a song!

More details coming soon...

To make an enquiry or register interest in any of our projects please contact Emma at or fill in a contact form here

January-March 2018


Pram Talks at WOW FESTIVAL

WOW – Women of the World festival celebrates women and girls, and looks at the obstacles that stop them from achieving their potential. 

Around the world, individuals and communities are insisting on the simple proposition that women must have equal rights and asking the question: 'Why is gender equality taking so long to achieve?' Southbank Centre's WOW - Women of the World festival is a global network of festivals which provides a platform for investigating this question.

We were delighted to be invited to perform our Pram talks piece at the Chester WOW Festival May 2017. 

You can read more about this in Meg Chester's review!

Read the review here : WOW Festival Review


Pram Talks at birth festival

"BIRTH Festival, a hugely ambitious project that celebrates the unique power of the playwright and the potential for theatre to provoke debate and inspire action" Sarah Frankcom, Artistic Director, Royal Exchange Theatre

Control25 published

Sarah & Emma are thrilled to announce that one-to-one performance festival Control25 features in 'Experiencing Liveness in Contemporary Performance' edited by Matthew Reason and Anja Mølle Lindelof


most things are quiet

We are currently developing an exciting new performance in collaboration with artist Stuart Crowther. The piece deals with men's mental health and suicide, and will use multiple art forms to explore this tragic and taboo subject

Pram Talks, The Need To Keep Talking


We had such an overwhelmingly positive response to our Pram Talks performances, particularly in regards to there being a need for the honest conversations we captured to be available to all new parents, that we are looking at developing the performance further and hopefully bringing it to more local parks around Liverpool and beyond. We've even recently brought the performance indoors to the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester for the Birth Festival, so watch this space...


Film Courtesy of Fully Formed Films

Photographs courtesy of Michael Kirkham Photography


'Tomorrow Night?' In Development


We've been privileged to work with young people, young women who have been exploited, parents of children who have been sexually exploited and service providers in the creation of our performance Tomorrow Night?

This immersive and interactive performance invites young people and school communities to take part in exploring themes of control, manipulation and choices directly associated with Child Sexual Exploitation.

We are grateful to all of those people who have shared their stories and experiences with us.



Waiting Room, what's next?


What we have found fascinating with our recent productions of 'Waiting Room' has been the relationship between the performer, the audience and the performance space. A small venue, packed out, up close and personal to an incredibly engaging performer is theatre at its simplest and purest and Waiting Room seems to have delivered this in spades. We're interested in taking it forward to examine how this dynamic can be further explored; how shifts in emphasis of form, space and audience-performer relationship can change the nature of this show. After a sell out stint in Buxton and Salford, we aim to take the show on the road to interesting places and spaces in the new year; watch this space!

David Coggins (Writer)


Sam Grogan in Waiting Room

Sam Grogan in Waiting Room