tomorrow night?


There's been an argument with the parents. It’s over him. They don’t like him, don’t trust him. But he’s alright, he’s just a bit older. Nothing to be worried about but it’s probably best not to tell them about the party tomorrow night. You won't, will you?

Tomorrow Night is an interactive performance and workshop day for young people, teachers, parents and the wider community that takes place in the school environment. It aimed to open up dialogue and create space for difficult conversations between schools, young people, parents and the wider community. 

The project was supported by Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation and was been funded by The Big Lottery Awards for All.  

Created for eight participants at a time young people were placed within the performance to consider what they would do if they were Katie or Jamie's friend. The primary school version took place within the classroom to support younger children to understand what grooming was and what the stages of gromming were. 

650 young people participated in the performance and engaged in debates and conversations about CSE and grooming. Over the course of six weeks we had numerous disclosures and were able to challenge many myths such as 'boys can't get groomed' and 'its not exploitation if he's nice to you'. 

The project ended with a Legacy Event where we shared with schools what young people told us and shared ideas for best practice in relationship to CSE. 

Video by Fully Formed Films