sleepover…coming soon


Emma and Sarah turned 40 a few years ago. We stopped looking forward and started looking back to a particular time in our lives, we became nostalgic for our teenage days, a time where adult responsibilities did not exist, a time of freedom, friendship and belly laughs. We discussed experiencing this carefree time again and decided we wanted to take an audience with us!

So welcome back to the 90's where you are invited once again to a Sleepover to remember the best bits about being a teenager! Walkman's, Jackie, I must I must I must increase my bust, Malibu and NKOTB.

Sleepover’ is an immersive performance that aims to provide audience members with a shared experience that connects them on a meaningful level, by inviting them to reminisce about all the good bits of being a teenager.

We have already started and had the first of our R and D sessions which proved to be full of laughter!

"Scrunchie on wrist, letter to teenage best friend written. Still smiling at the wonderful research evening"

"Loved this! Inspired me to read all my old letters, back to the time I wore the biggest bell bottoms in Manchester and drank peach concorde!"

Working in association with the Unity Theatre the performance will happen in various locations in Liverpool. The performance will happen June 2020 to small audiences.
See you there!