Sent Away


Sent Away is a collaborative project between Emma Watkins and our team. Emma is currently in the third year of her PhD, entitled The lives and criminal careers of nineteenth-century juvenile offenders at the University of Liverpool. Emma is funded by the AHRC through the Digital Panopticon ( ). 

 Emma is researching juvenile convicts convicted <14 years of age at the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court London, and sentenced to transportation (and sent) to Van Diemen’s Land, Australia, between 1816 – 1850. Emma uses data-linkage, using criminal and civil records, in order to carry out life-course analysis. While looking for quantitative trends in the data, of equal importance will be the life-narratives uncovered – taking into account the criminal as well as economic, social and familial lives of these young offenders and their life outcomes.

This research will build-up a picture of the lives of offenders who were caught up in the criminal justice system as juveniles. While such juveniles will inevitably be tied to the criminal records in which they are found, it is possible to use these records - together with newspapers, birth, death and marriage records - to demonstrate that these offenders were more than the sum of their convictions.

We are exploring how we can turn Emma's academic research into a new piece of Musical Theatre and have secured some great partners with a keen interest in the history of children's lives!


More details coming soon...