Voices From The Past


Dave worked extensively with the staff and volunteers at Manchester Cathedral to explore the stories and heritage associated with the building. He then turned these into a series of docu-drama monologues aiming to make these hidden stories come to life for old and new audiences. These were then performed by volunteers at the Cathedral and continue to be used to share the rich heritage of the building to the community. 


The Misericord Carver: early 1500s : The Carver’s Tale: The Misericord and the Legend of Lord Lathom
Dr. Dee, the Alchemist’s Daughter: early 1600s : The Alchemist’s Daughter: Being the thoughts of Katherine Dee daughter of the infamous Dr Dee
The Sniper on the Church Roof: September 1642 : The Sniper’s Tale: The Cathedral and The Civil War


When Bonnie Prince Charlie Arrived: November 1745 : Thomas Clarkson, Campaigner against Slavery: looking back to October 1787 : The Great Reformer: Thomas Clarkson and the fight against Slavery


Mass Weddings: early 1800s : The Wheels of Industry: Mass production, Mass Weddings, Mass funerals


 Maria Malibran: October 1836 : The Tragic Death of the Young Diva


The Blitz: Christmas 1940 : The Cathedral Under Fire